Online Shopping. How Tanzanians do it Better!

Although Tanzania is a small player in online retail compared to the western world, there is something that Tanzanians have somehow managed to do it better.


When the internet was first released to the public in the US, no one knew about it. Very few people were technically equipped to work the computer this enabled only a few key players in the internet space to start their own retail shops ie Amazon. Who in return enabled other people to join in its own platform to sell stuff.

These online retail shops grew their brands to a point that no one cared about who is really selling those products. They only remember Amazon/eBay brand names.

But when it comes to Tanzania, the internet came when it’s user experience is simpler and so much better designed that a 4yr old can go to PlayStore and download a game and play it!.

In Tanzania, people buy online via Social Media accounts especially on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Even if you sell a something on a website, Tanzanian buyers will want to have a chat before they buy it.

In social media, a customer has to remember a specific account name (Brand name) in order to find the products they want.

They simply can’t go to Instagram and type the keywords as we normally do in Google to search for the products.

This means that businesses on Instagram have a very big chance to create their own brands and market by themselves and not be at the mercy of Amazons and eBays of the world.

In my view, Tanzanian businesses on Instagram are doing it better. Accumulating their own followers, directly communicating with them with comments and DMs, following accounts of their customers and potential buyers and learn about them, engage with their audience via live-streaming, memes, celebrating their birthdays and life events, sharing private contacts like phone numbers so they can have a deeper connection with their customers. This makes them masters in lead generation.

So, when the Amazons of the world come to Tanzania, these Tanzanian businesses will have a great tool in their shade…Their own brands.

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