I personally don’t own an App but I have made more than 10 Apps for Startups and sadly most of them haven’t even made it to the MarketšŸ˜©

These are the reason I personally know:

  • Owners don’t have any technical knowledge of running the App and don’t have a Co-Founder who knows about the Tech.
  • The Clients don’t want their ideas to be revealed to the Developer: so they hide the full idea until the end and most of the time their “Secret Ingredient” in the App is impossible to Implement
  • There are a lack of capable developers to code their App idea
  • They undervalue the Size of their project in a technical sense... They want to pay you Tsh 100,000/= to make it and they say their app is worth 200BillionsšŸ˜ƒ.
  • They think an App is a solution, but an App is really a means to solve the problem and not all problems are solved by Apps..maybe a website of something else.
  • Lack of market research
  • Their friends gave them false hopes but not the constructive criticism about their app and in the end, they didn’t get a realistic response from the market and end up disappointed with 50 downloads
  • They don’t know about Digital Marketing and Using App Analytics Softwares to gauge the user’s reactions.
  • They just want to win the “Best App Awards” and take the money and end up doing other stuff.

Please share any other reason you know..or any challenges you faced.

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